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Storyteller Creative Director Networker

WELCOME in a creative and alternative house of communication, in love with beautiful stories designed sur mesure. Nadège Winter (see here and there) is an alternative manufacturer of images, creator of networks and messages.
She brings experience, vision and instinct together in support of comprehensive and creative communication tools. 15 years inspired by music, arts, fashion, lifestyle and tomorrow.

Ex-Director of communication for the contemporary art center in Paris, Palais de Tokyo for 2 years, Director of communication for the concept store Colette for 7 years, Daily experience in close contact with the French electronic music scene, Parisian night life, and young contemporary design in the broadest sense. Nadège Winter works for brands (Hermès, Kenzo, H&M, Petit Bateau, Diesel, Burberry, Timberland, Adidas, Reebok, Belvédère, Biotherm, Monoprix, Wool and the Gang…) and makes brands (AmishBoyish, BrunchBazar, Big Festival..)

Creative director for events, magazines, web sites, capsule and products. Storyteller for a product launching, a new brand, a forgotten brand, a new concept. Nadège Winter offers brands a 360 degree experience from production to creative direction, communication, writing and press outreach strategy.

Here we converse, we listen, we rummage, we look, we like, we love, we hate, we connect, we sense, we feel, we clare, we impose, we analyze, we weave, we dismantle, we construct, we invent, we write, we seduce, we surprise, we knit, we pinpoint our clients needs to get as close as possible to realities and desires.